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blob .gitignore 6 years 11 months Kevin O'Connor: Start using Kconfig to configure SeaBIOS settings. 30 bytes
blob COPYING 9 years 10 months Kevin O'Connor: Initial checkin. 35.15 kB
blob COPYING.LESSER 9 years 5 days Kevin O'Connor: Change license from GPLv3 to LGPLv3. 7.64 kB
blob Makefile 4 years 10 months Kevin O'Connor: Add dependencies to and scripts. 9.09 kB
blob README 4 years 10 months Kevin O'Connor: Update README - copy *.aml files for QEMU. 7.52 kB
blob README.CSM 4 years 11 months David Woodhouse: Add README.CSM 1.11 kB
blob TODO 6 years 6 months Kevin O'Connor: Updates to TODO list. 697 bytes

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