SeaBIOS Git Change Log

Age Message
7 years 5 months Update version to 0.6.1
Commit 0ff9051f756ba739bc2edca77925191c3c6cbc2f, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 5 months Support Samsung SE-S084 USB DVD drive (and probably many others)

A full implementation of ATAPI USB support would need to translate / filter
certain package types or some devices might not work. No previously working
devices break with the patch, so it is fine to commit.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Reinauer <>
Commit 9c000e695786a3ffcb1a80fc4c30e89e65a81dfa, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 5 months pciinit: remove unused variable, old_addr, in pci_set_io_region_addr().

old_addr is initialized, but not used.
remove the useless variable.

Signed-off-by: Isaku Yamahata <>
Commit eebe949461466c9fdb482a542b0aaa8957b6a62b, by Isaku Yamahata
7 years 5 months Minor - indentation change to jpeg.c.
Commit 06644f4d01111536aea1915c82500c00a5f20c77, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 5 months Enhance tools/ to support reading from a pipe.

Add option parsing support to tool.

Enable option (-f) to read from a pipe - which is useful when
redirecting qemu's debugging log to a pipe with:
-chardev pipe,id=seabios,path=seabioslog -device isa-debugcon,iobase=0x402,chardev=seabios
Commit 2dcd9faf2d3987a8ec945da944074a99b34a13df, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 5 months Make tools/ more resilient to unknown input.
Commit 7ce09ae6542f0f4187024ae3267b61a0cf6ebd39, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 5 months Update qemu_cfg_read to use "rep insb".

Use rep insb instead of manual loop - the host may be able to optimize
the rep insb instruction.
Commit 6039fc55274deb7202060d08e0f23b9f3dcface4, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 5 months Only show bootsplash during boot menu.

When the bootsplash picture is shown, it's not possible to see text.
So, only display the picture while prompting the user for the boot
Commit 9a01a9c3eb336eca37c17fd74c79806ee0bda05b, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 5 months add write support to virtio-blk

Windows XP does write to sector 0 during installation and prints
mysterious error if write fails. Interestingly if write drops data,
but returns OK to Windows installer installation proceed without
complains and completes successfully.

Signed-off-by: Gleb Natapov <>
7 years 6 months Don't try to talk to APIC on 486

It only has one cpuid level, therefore it can't report whether it
has an APIC. It probably hasn't; assume that. Without this,
SeaBIOS would get stuck on qemu -M isapc.

Signed-off-by: Lubomir Rintel <>
Commit 22f637848ee1bdc39ef42a3f9a003621fa7a4fef, by Lubomir Rintel
7 years 6 months Add ACPI SSDT/DSDT support for CPU hotplug.

Move the SSDT defined processors from _PR to _SB namespace.

Extend the dynamically generated SSDT to include per cpu hotplug
methods. These methods just call methods defined in the DSDT. Also
dynamically generate a NTFY method and a CPON array of the
online/available CPUs. Add file src/ssdt-proc.dsl with directions for
generating the per-cpu processor object AML code.

Extend the DSDT to include methods for handling cpu hotplug
notifications and methods for handling cpu status requests originating
from the SSDT methods.
Commit e2074bf6ec2956e1d803e62dcb052b7c88c214f0, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Add additional debug status messages to bootsplash code.
Commit eb6dc785475e4676de728f99a0fcd638d81c5b68, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Allow qemu to use bootsplash code via fwcfg interface.

All the bootsplash code to pull the jpeg file from either cbfs (on
coreboot) or fwcfg (on qemu).
Commit c8e4e88111fdc2682fd157a449234167faded976, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Add tools/ tool for converting hexdump() output.

Add tool for converting the output from hexdump() back into its
original binary form. This can be useful for use with tools such as
hexdump and objdump.
Commit 597040dd3dba3471c9ed012a5056c42949f34962, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Default bootsplash on (for coreboot users).
Commit 48f5f8b850d19767f60ee83bfe0fd30bc4e867b4, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Autodetect video mode based on bootsplash jpeg dimensions.

Replace video mode settings in config.h with a system to auto-detect a
video mode for the given bootsplash.jpg file.
Commit 8d85eb12ee02b3d6e56f5846517a08f0d08870bc, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Rename "decdata" to "jpeg" in bootsplash - to be consistent with jpeg.c.

Also rename "jpeg" to "filedata" to avoid a conflict.
Commit b2b9d4a6b682a7aac9d0ad8d857ee6fcfb4f9e1f, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Breakup jpeg_decode into parsing and displaying phases.

Split the screen display code out of the jpeg parsing code.

Allow ability for caller to obtain jpeg dimensions.
Commit bbc4722277845fbe190fc997f3a2eb2408f6152e, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Avoid using BSS variables in jpeg.c.

Using BSS increases the rom size (and reduce space for option roms).
So, move BSS variables in the jpeg.c code to malloc'd memory.

Also, move struct and error declarations from jpeg.h to jpeg.c.
Commit 2976dd4204405cd9b1296732a5a7ad6d67d8dd73, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Add FUNC16() helper macro for converting a 16bit func to a segoff_s.
Commit cc9e1bf4336696340330010d59028e3b8fb9aa7d, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Handle unaligned sizes in iomemcpy().

This fixes a bug causing truncation of uncompressed files in
Commit b4525a0ec176426788f293cce92160e6573e86b6, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Cleanup bootsplash vesa signature detection.
Commit 0e27e19e2ff2f61b8374a246398e4cf0ae7fc9bd, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Be sure to disable bootsplash on all BIOS boot cases.

Disable the bootsplash on cbfs payload exec, and if something hooks

Also, be sure to only disable the bootsplash (revert to text mode)
Commit cadaf0e35d4530a0aa3f3100c3c0e5c96d9f0556, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Add call16_int10 helper to bootsplash.c.
Commit 2641186e7650d1dbe9249f57fe005581f31da402, by Kevin O'Connor
7 years 6 months Don't do "double buffering" in bootsplash code.

Not all vgabios support off screen framebuffers. Instead, decompress
the picture into ram, and then copy it into the framebuffer. This
ensures a fast display time without requiring any special vga support.
Commit 6dc76f466141c64fc67133ca27680743c2462be5, by Kevin O'Connor