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12 days 16 hours OLPC XO-4 - set display brightness to full on old displays, and to closest match on new displays, see #12854
Commit 3766, by quozl
12 days 16 hours OLPC - display test, add blue versus red gradient, unused
Commit 3765, by quozl
12 days 16 hours OLPC XO-4 - mmp3-gic, testing completed, reduce verbosity
Commit 3764, by quozl
16 days 11 hours Q7C03
Commit 3763, by quozl
19 days 10 hours OLPC XO-4 - revert r3760, cause was found to be CForth init. Q7B45.
Commit 3762, by quozl
19 days 19 hours Q7C02
Commit 3761, by quozl
19 days 19 hours OLPC XO-4 - dcon-setup, order of register writes found to be important, on affected units in factory. See also r3758. #12852.
Commit 3760, by quozl
21 days 12 hours OLPC XO-4 - mmp3-gic, remove IRQ changes to three I2C devices, matching commit 917d648bb by Darshan Prajapati.
Commit 3759, by quozl
22 days 14 hours OLPC XO-4 - dcon-setup, lower drive strength for DETTL clock and data signals. #12852.
Commit 3758, by quozl
23 days 9 hours OLPC XO-4 - trim enable-smp based on kernel patch f37e149 on arm-3.5-volansys branch by Darshan Prajapati; remove early initialisation instructions from spin, remove storage LED GPIO set, and don't enable all peripheral clocks.
Commit 3757, by quozl
23 days 19 hours Q7C01
Commit 3756, by quozl
23 days 19 hours OLPC XO-4 - source formatting, fix use of irqdef undone in r3753 (change was made in irqdef later)
Commit 3755, by quozl
26 days 17 hours OLPC XO-4 - enable-smp, review comments, remove unnecessary changes
Commit 3754, by quozl
26 days 18 hours OLPC XO-4 - mmp3-gic, switch to using level triggered interrupts, for compatibility with prior use of ICU
Commit 3753, by quozl
29 days 17 hours OLPC XO-4 - spin second core ready for new kernel, hack in a device tree change for the generic interrupt controller, but keep mmcore powered down. #12297.
Commit 3752, by quozl
1 month 20 days Q7B43
Commit 3751, by quozl
1 month 20 days OLPC - add another ASIX AX88772B based USB ethernet adaptor 0b95.772b to be used in factory, the device uses previously reserved bits in receive buffer, fix is to reconfigure the device for the default format. Tested also with 0b95.7720 ZoWii Zoltan Tech ZU-80. #12844.
Commit 3750, by quozl
2 months 3 days Q7B42
Commit 3749, by quozl
2 months 3 days [ARM] fixed signed double conversion, from Matthijs van Duin <>, 24th November 2014, fixes a regression introduced in r3740, affected d<= and d> only.
Commit 3748, by quozl
2 months 8 days Q7B41
Commit 3747, by quozl
2 months 8 days OLPC XO-4 - new EC firmware for Simplo LiPoly battery module
Commit 3746, by quozl
2 months 11 days OLPC - tidy boost command output, break the line
Commit 3745, by quozl
2 months 25 days OLPC XO-1.75 XO-4 - backport XO-4 EC recovery changes into the XO-1.75 EC recovery script, and test.
Commit 3744, by quozl
2 months 28 days OLPC XO-4 - add EC recovery
Commit 3743, by quozl
2 months 29 days OLPC XO-4 - add Simplo LiPoly battery vendor and type
Commit 3742, by quozl

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