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1 month 20 days ARM Simulator - Oops. We never enabled conditional execution of instructions. Apparently we rarely use that feature.
Commit 3789, by tooch
2 months 25 days ppcsim: modernize for ANSI C compilers Contributed by Marcin Cieslak <>
Commit 3788, by quozl
2 months 25 days ppc: "${BP}/forth/lib/debug.fth:45: cntx ?" [patch] This fixes warning about undefined cntx issued during PPC cross-compilation: --- Cmd: ${HOSTDIR}/ppcforth ${BP}/cpu/ppc/build/kernel.dic ../tools.bth ${BP}/forth/lib/debug.fth:45: cntx ? ${BP}/forth/lib/debug.fth:297: cntx ? ${BP}/forth/lib/debug.fth:298: cntx ? Contributed by Marcin Cieslak <>
Commit 3787, by quozl
3 months 17 days IDE: fix probe message, from Marcin Cieslak Fix "Unimplemented package interface procedure" message during "Probe IDE"
Commit 3786, by quozl
3 months 17 days Emulator ROM build - fix VMWare VGA adapter, from Marcin Cieslak Send command to the PCI command port to inform the device that I/O port has been enabled. Issue a warning during PCI resouce allocation if "reg" property has not been provided (with diag-switch? true). Generate "reg" property for the PCI resource allocator. Known to work with qemu-2.4.0. Does not rewrite all changed rectangles on qemu-2.0.0
Commit 3785, by quozl
4 months 6 days Emulator ROM build - added Bochs driver to the dropin set, from Marcin Cieslak
Commit 3784, by quozl
4 months 6 days PPC - der! writes to wrong register, der! is unused elsewhere in Open Firmware, reported by Marcin Cieslak, reviewed by James Cameron.
Commit 3783, by quozl
4 months 8 days Add missing file from r3781, thanks to Marcin Cieslak for advising.
Commit 3782, by quozl
4 months 21 days Preparations for a 64-bit implementation
Commit 3781, by quozl
6 months 23 days OLPC - keyjector, rename to since now has another meaning (XO-1.75 variant of, and remove the duplicate file
Commit 3780, by quozl
6 months 24 days OLPC - merge different keyjects, resolving divergent edits in r3706 r3710 and r2865, now identical.
Commit 3779, by quozl
6 months 24 days OLPC XO-4 - keyject, customise for SKU322
Commit 3778, by quozl
6 months 24 days OLPC XO-4 - keyject, copy from olpc.bth
Commit 3777, by quozl
6 months 30 days OLPC XO-4 - screenshot feature extensions, cache of shots
Commit 3776, by quozl
7 months 6 days OLPC XO-4 - get-hdmi-edid was returning extra zero on stack underneath string
Commit 3775, by quozl
8 months 21 days Q4D38
Commit 3774, by quozl
8 months 21 days OLPC XO-1.75 - dcon-setup, lower drive strength for DETTL clock and data signals, after resume. #12852.
Commit 3773, by quozl
8 months 21 days OLPC XO - siv121c minimal register changes documentation, no functional change
Commit 3772, by quozl
10 months 26 days Q7C05
Commit 3771, by quozl
10 months 28 days Q4D37
Commit 3770, by quozl
10 months 29 days OLPC XO - siv121d camera sensor support, #12861
Commit 3769, by quozl
1 year 9 days Q7C04
Commit 3768, by quozl
1 year 9 days OLPC XO-4 - suppress device tree changes when booting alternate operating system, fixes #12855.
Commit 3767, by quozl
1 year 23 days OLPC XO-4 - set display brightness to full on old displays, and to closest match on new displays, see #12854
Commit 3766, by quozl
1 year 23 days OLPC - display test, add blue versus red gradient, unused
Commit 3765, by quozl

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