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Age Message
2 days 14 hours Q7B39
Commit 3724, by quozl
2 days 14 hours OLPC XO-4 - dual boot menu, comment fixes
Commit 3723, by quozl
8 days 17 hours OLPC XO-4 - dual boot menu for Android and Linux, using /boot-alt for the Android kernel
Commit 3722, by quozl
8 days 17 hours libertas - stack effect comment fix
Commit 3721, by quozl
10 days 14 hours Q7B38
Commit 3720, by quozl
22 days 19 hours libertas - use a single byte sequence number for 8787, fixes use of adhoc-start with test-antenna
Commit 3719, by quozl
30 days 16 hours core - use initial values from a current instance package if there is one, fixes clearing of display on subsequent select, caused by my-termemu not persisting, fixes OLPC #12765, thanks to Mitch Bradley.
Commit 3718, by quozl
30 days 23 hours OLPC XO-4 - bump EC, Android power button up event support
Commit 3717, by quozl
1 month 18 hours OLPC - preserve some comments against th seti camera initialisation as compared with kernel
Commit 3716, by quozl
1 month 18 hours OLPC XO-4 - reserve RTC CMOS for dual boot state
Commit 3715, by quozl
1 month 4 days Fixed bugs in PowerPC 16- and 32-bit framebuffer operations.
Commit 3714, by wmb
1 month 24 days OLPC XO-1.75 XO-4 - edi-open-active broke stack balance by returning 0 if the EC was freshly powered up, fixes #12751
Commit 3713, by quozl
1 month 28 days usb - trivial comment improvement
Commit 3712, by quozl
1 month 28 days OLPC XO-1.75, XO-4 - add boost charge command, for developer use
Commit 3711, by quozl
1 month 28 days OLPC - keyject, avoid cancel, use black-letters throughout
Commit 3710, by quozl
2 months 27 days PowerPC kernel - fixed bug in isconstant, completing the previous fix.
Commit 3709, by wmb
3 months 19 hours 1) Eliminated some C compiler warnings by being strict about return values. 2) Fixed the PowerPC build.
Commit 3708, by wmb
3 months 8 days OLPC XO-1 - screenshot tools
Commit 3707, by quozl
5 months 8 days OLPC XO-1.75 - keyjector, also handle keys that are corrupt, or wrong length, rather than stopping if all key names are present
Commit 3706, by quozl
5 months 8 days OLPC XO-1.75 - build of sdkit, fix twsi, remove accelerometer, remove camera
Commit 3705, by quozl
5 months 12 days OLPC XO-1.75 - build of sdkit, fix path to moved source files
Commit 3704, by quozl
7 months 7 days OLPC XO-1.75 - fix keyject build problems, caused by trimming on olpc.bth that was not brought into keyject.bth
Commit 3703, by quozl
7 months 21 days OLPC XO-1.5 XO-1.75 XO-4 - restore four game key reflash over HTTP, by doing a redundant scan for the OLPC-NANDblaster SSID before handing control to NANDblaster, fixes #12740. Due to r3701, active scan for transmitting laptop became unreliable probably because of the lack of air time, so switch to a passive scan, and increase passive scan to cover two beacons.
Commit 3702, by quozl
7 months 21 days libertas - fix backward logic for selecting scan time based on scan time, regression introduced in r3633
Commit 3701, by quozl
8 months 4 days OLPC XO-4 - bump EC
Commit 3700, by quozl

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