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2 days 21 hours Q7B41
Commit 3747, by quozl
2 days 22 hours OLPC XO-4 - new EC firmware for Simplo LiPoly battery module
Commit 3746, by quozl
5 days 21 hours OLPC - tidy boost command output, break the line
Commit 3745, by quozl
19 days 13 hours OLPC XO-1.75 XO-4 - backport XO-4 EC recovery changes into the XO-1.75 EC recovery script, and test.
Commit 3744, by quozl
22 days 15 hours OLPC XO-4 - add EC recovery
Commit 3743, by quozl
23 days 18 hours OLPC XO-4 - add Simplo LiPoly battery vendor and type
Commit 3742, by quozl
1 month 20 days OLPC XO-1.75 XO-4 - round storage size, rewrite of r3737, not all definitions changed, OLPC #12821
Commit 3741, by quozl
2 months 17 days [ARM] fixed signed double comparison Author: Matthijs van Duin <> Date: Sat Apr 26 06:10:31 2014 +0200 Signed 64-bit comparisons currently check the sign of the difference of the arguments, which really isn't the same as a comparison of the arguments. And a small simplification of d-
Commit 3740, by quozl
2 months 17 days [ARM] fix revsh opcode, add a few more Author: Matthijs van Duin <> Date: Thu Apr 24 22:49:17 2014 +0200
Commit 3739, by quozl
2 months 19 days Added a bunch of PReP stuff
Commit 3738, by wmb
2 months 23 days OLPC XO-1.75 XO-4 - round storage size, a new eMMC part marketed as 8 GB has a size of 7.56 GB
Commit 3737, by quozl
3 months 10 days Q4D36
Commit 3736, by quozl
3 months 10 days OLPC XO-1.75 - new SPI FLASH source sample to be qualified
Commit 3735, by quozl
4 months 15 days OLPC - stack underflow in fsupdate.fth, did not cause a build problem, but still, looks wrong.
Commit 3734, by quozl
5 months 8 days Q4D35
Commit 3733, by quozl
5 months 8 days Q3C17
Commit 3732, by quozl
5 months 10 days Q7B40
Commit 3731, by quozl
5 months 10 days Q2F20
Commit 3730, by quozl
5 months 10 days OLPC XO-1.5 - fix siv120d image alignment (#12625), disable siv121c support (#12785)
Commit 3729, by quozl
5 months 13 days libertas - fix build on XO-1
Commit 3728, by quozl
5 months 18 days OLPC - add SIV121C camera sensor, as SIV120D is end-of-life
Commit 3727, by quozl
6 months 12 days scsidisk - retry TEST UNIT READY once Some USB flash drives violate section 3.4 of the USB Mass Storage Specification For Bootability 1.0, October 25, 2004, by responding to TEST UNIT READY with CHECK CONDITION status with a sense key of NOT READY, and an additional sense code of MEDIUM NOT PRESENT. Section 3.4 says "If the Device cannot become operational or in a state such that a Host Computer action is required to make the Device ready, the Device returns CHECK CONDITION status with a sense key of NOT READY." So the device either cannot become operational, or requires action of the host. However, a second TEST UNIT READY is successful, without any other action of the host other than trying again. READ CAPACITY and READ commands also fail if they are done first, before the device admits to being ready. Section 3.4 also says "Devices are expected to respond promptly to indicate the current status of the Device." Section 6.1 of the USB Mass Storage Class - Compliance Test Specification 0.9a, June 30, 2006, says "Issue a Test Unit Ready command. Repeat until the device indicates a ready state."
Commit 3726, by quozl
6 months 23 days core - Tiny lint fixes, detected on Apple LLVM-based SDK. And one not so tiny, as OS X dropped support for sbrk().
Commit 3725, by tooch
7 months 5 days Q7B39
Commit 3724, by quozl
7 months 5 days OLPC XO-4 - dual boot menu, comment fixes
Commit 3723, by quozl

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